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Stereotypes can be demeaning and offensive and often lead to different forms of bullying. Following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Sikhs reported a rise in attacks, both verbal and physical, against them, simply because the sight of a long beard and turban was associated with the stereotype of terrorists having beards. Serious as they maybe social issues such as racial stereotyping receive little attention and most young people are complacent towards them. These issues are so deeply inscribed in our social constructs that few people question them and even the ones that do, find it difficult to engage in a dialogue around them.

‘StereoWiped,’ aims at breaking the social constructs that lead towards racial, gender and professional stereotypes.  It leverages the interactive nature of video games to spread awareness about the misconceptions that fuel stereotypes and initiates a social dialogue on diversity and acceptance. Through StereoWiped we want to target these social constructs and prompt youth to question, challenge and break stereotypes in a fun way. We bring the dialogue to their consoles and leverage the interactive nature of video games to prompt social change.

The game targets young adults between ages of 16 – 35 who live in metropolitan cities and experience racial, gender and professional stereotypes in their daily lives. The average young person invests upto 10,000 hours in gaming by the age of 21 and StereoWiped provides an opportunity to make sure a fraction of this time is spent in bringing about social change by breaking racial, gender and professional stereotypes.