Disclaimer: This blog contains excessive use of superlatives, it is not meant for the weak hearted.

CGIU 2014 vs CGIU 2015: CGIU 2014 was great, but CGIU 2015 was just AMAZING. The “game-changer” being the opportunity to share the stage with none other but the Former US President Clinton himself, to talk about my passion for video games as development solutions, in front of an audience of 1000 students. Top it off with having our game “StereoWiped” launched on the App Store the same day (with GWU Commitment Maker Challenge financing) and getting some awesome press coverageand you have all the ingredients for a commitment maker’s dream weekend.

CGIU Average Student vs CGIU GWU student: Being at CGIU rocks, but being a GWU student at CGIU is downright superb! Belonging to the largest group of university students and having a cool mentor/university rep rooting for you makes for an amazing experience. Want more? How about the fact, that thanks to some awesome fundraising by GWUpstart, I didn’t have to pay a penny for my flights.

Randomania vs StereoWiped: GRID’s first game Randomania was awesome, but our second game StereoWiped is our favourite child. Our CGIU 2015 commitment puts up on track to taking on conflict-provoking stereotypes and breaking them in a fun and engaging way with different versions of StereoWiped. The game works as a simple memory game, requiring players to “match” tiles of stereotypes and then breaks them with thought-provoking statistics. “I am a girl… I like pink” or “I am African …. I have AIDS”. With each stereotype matched, the player receives “food for thought” that breaks the stereotype e.g: “2 out of 3 girls around you prefer blue more than pink” or “Only 5% of the adults in Sub-Saharan Africa have AIDs”. We are excited about taking the game to low-income students in neighborhoods in DC with our new partners FLOC – For Love of Children and fighting social constructs that alienate people and undermine cultural diversity. (Insider news: GRID is also working on some cool new projects, think environmental justice, sanitation and hygiene and Early Childhood Development, follow us on twitter @games_grid to stay tuned).