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Our Founder, Mariam Nusrat, has been called a problem-solver, a leader and sometimes a role model but she sees herself more as an innovator. She aspires to find new ways to solve difficult problems and a good challenge usually takes her from a big fat grin to a focused frown back to a big fat grin. Mariam believes in the power of young people, especially women, and has a vision of a world where empowered girls are not a minority but a norm. Her favorite quote this year is “Why can’t “run like a girl” mean win the race?”

In addition to her roles and responsibilities as an Education Specialist with the World Bank, Mariam is working towards mainstreaming games as development solutions through GRID.

She has presented GRID in front of President Clinton, the World Bank President, famous authors and innovators and a Tedx audience! She is the FAME in our Fun and gAMEs.

She is committed to making the world a better place, one game at a time.

The guy who keeps things in motion!
Rizwan runs the show in the country office in Islamabad. He makes sure that each GRID game goes from idea to app as smoothly as possible.

With an MBA in marketing and a passion for business development, Rizwan has an extensive experience with product development and specializes in ensuring effective execution of GRID’s development and outreach strategies.

He finds the innovation and creativity involved in his work to be a key driving strength in his career.

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