GRID is an award-winning social-impact gaming studio. We create mobile games that educate, engage and empower people towards positive behavior change.

Gaming Revolution for International Development Inc.(C-corp, est 2021):venture-backed business building Breshna, a platform that empowers users to create their own video games with no-code, at low-cost and at lightning speed.

Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development Inc. (501 c(3), est 2016): creates low-cost mobile games to educate, engage and empower people for positive behavior change in underserved communities.


Our Story

GRID was born as an idea in 2013 when our Founder Mariam Nusrat decided to unleash the power of video games for a purpose beyond entertainment.

Over the years GRID has evolved into two separate legal entities:

  • A not-for-profit arm creating low-cost social impact games – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development (established in 2016)
  • A for-profit arm democratizing the creation of video games with a SaaS platform Breshna,  Gaming Revolution for International Development (C-corp established in 2021, replaces the GRID LLC 2013-2021)