Games as Development Solutions

GRID, The Gaming Revolution for International Development, gamifies the practice of International Development by creating low-cost digital games that inspire social change. We aim to revolutionize the practice of international development by introducing video games as development solutions. These solutions range from capacity building tools for development workers to behaviour change tools for project beneficiaries.

In March 2015, out of 700 projects, GRID was selected to be featured on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting, at a session moderated by President Clinton, in front of an audience of 1000 students.

​GRID was also recognised in the UN PeaceAPP competition for "StereoWiped", a game that aims at breaking racial and gender stereotypes amongst youth.


Mariam Adil

Founder and Director

Guilty Pleasure Track: Firework - Katy Perry.

Mariam has been called a problem-solver, a leader and sometimes a role model but she sees herself more as an innovator. She aspires to find new ways to solve difficult problems and a good challenge usually takes her from a big fat grin to a focused frown back to a big fat grin. Mariam Adil believes in the power of young people, especially women, and has a vision of a world where empowered girls are not a minority but a norm. Her favourite quote this year is "Why can't "run like a girl" mean win the race?"

In addition to her roles and responsibilities as an Operations Analyst with the World Bank, Mariam is working towards mainstreaming games as development solutions through GRID

She has presented GRID in front of President Clinton, the World Bank President, famous authors and innovators and a Tedx audience! She is the FAME in our Fun and gAMEs.

She is committed to making the world a better place, one game at a time.

Mariam receives 2015 Andrew Rice Award
Mariam Adil at TEDx Youth, Columbia Heights
Mariam Adil at The World Bank OLC Launch
Mariam talks to OID
Mariam and Kiran at CGIU

Rizwan Nusrat

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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The guy who keeps things in motion!

Rizwan runs the show in the country office in Islamabad. He makes sure that each GRID game goes from idea to app as smoothly as possible.

With an MBA in marketing and a passion for business development, Rizwan Nusrat has an extensive experience with product development and specialises in devising strategy and ensuring an effective execution of the plan.

He has managed marketing campaigns for several of the company's launches and finds the innovation and creativity involved in his work to be a key driving strength in his career.

Rizwan and Taimoor's SingleClick
Rizwan at TEDx Lahore, 2016

Jackie Munoz

Member of Board of Directors

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The Gender Warrior!

Jackie grew up in Nicaragua where from a young age she began to question the existing gender dynamics and power imbalances she witnessed in the world surrounding her.

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa her passion for gender rights continued to develop as she learned the power behind empowering beneficiaries to be leaders and strong voices in developing their own solutions. Today, she works at Save the Children working closely with Country Offices to ensure programs benefit children all across the world.

Jackie is a firm believer that every person has a role to play in making the world a better place, we just have to find a cause to believe in and become a part of the solution we hope to see. As her favorite author –Paulo Coelho- says, “El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión.” [Translation: The world changes with your example, not your opinion.]

Jackie now sits on the Board for GRID (Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development) and teams up with Mariam and Rizwan in making sure the initiative makes a difference, one game at a time!

Taimoor ul Hassan

Head of Technical Development

The brains behind the code!

Taimoor is the guy who oversees the coding of the game; Everything from deciding what platform to host the game on, to shooting away bugs, Taimoor actually makes coding fun!

He has a diverse industry experience of online retail, customer experience design, research and human-computer interactions. He possesses skills to design and manage customer models for attracting and retaining customers using dynamic contextualization and augmented reality Taimoor holds extensive knowledge on the use of business and marketing intelligence (SaaS, software as a service) models for sales management and automation. He has had the experience of working with the world’s top clients including a few Fortune 500 companies and now offers his diverse skills to GRID


Maryam Bilal

Creative Content Specialist

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The art that makes GRID fly!

Maryam Arqam pursued her passion for arts and its application through formal education and as a hobby dabbling in a variety of traditional and digital media. Following her laurels as a Punjab University goldmedallist in her masters degree of finearts, she advanced her career as a freelance artist designing for various organizations such as the school of leadership karachi for their annual "junior leaders conference" and " young leaders conference" etc. She has to her credit two educational novels, the former, "biotechnology for kids" and latter, "out of this world".

Maryam is the mastermind behind the artwork that defines the originality and creativity of GRID products.

Maryam's Artwork

Kiran Javaid

Project Manager

The sounding-board!

An International Development Professional, Kiran brings the meaning to our content. With a background in quantitative analysis, she also helps us think about the different ways in which we can measure the impact of GRID games. There are many Skype calls where she and Mariam geek out on RCT techniques!

She has collaborated with various international organizations like the World Bank, UNICEF, Open Society Foundations and International Growth Center.

Kiran's "Ordinary Efforts"


We are backed by a team of experienced software development professionals with an extensive technical skill set from working for leading global companies including amazon, eBay, Virgin and some of the most happening startups based out of London and US. Key skills include:

  • Skill Set:

  • Android development, PHP, CSS, Java, Html, AJAX, OOP, API's, MySQL
  • iOS Development, Xcode, XML, Objective C, SOAP, Eclipse, SQlite, OAuth, iBecon, Webservices, Cross Platform, Unity 3d
  • Strong in Object - oriented design/analysis, Classic design patterns, J2EE patterns;
  • Extensive experience in Web Services Development using Codeigniter(PHP), Restlet(Java), webpy(Python).
  • Strong Web development skills. Experience in web based data reporting system, Framework development for Internet application.
  • Hands on experience on various eCommerce frameworks such as Magento, Venda, eBay, Adobe Omniture.
  • Knowledge of Python, Perl, JavaScript, Jquery, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS.

  • Dr. Sean Roberts, Elliott School, GWU
  • Michael Trucano, World Bank
  • Shwetelena Sabarwal, World Bank
  • Hammad Khwaja, Google
  • Nazmul Chaudhury, World Bank
  • Fawzia Naqvi, VP of Soros Economic Development Fund


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Pilot Game with World Bank "RANDOMANIA"

Partnership with FLOC - For Love of Children FLOC to launch StereoWiped

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