What is GRID?

GRID is a social initiative that leverages the power of digital games to educate, engage and empower.

Our games raise awareness and inspire behavior change by giving people the information they need to make better decisions about their lives, their health, their money and their future, all while having a good time!

Why Now?

We are at the cusp of the next big technology boom: the global penetration of smartphones. The Ericson Mobility Report predicts 70% of the global population will be using smartphones by 2020. We are looking at a world where smartphones as low as $20 are now available in areas where even toilets are a luxury. This boom opens a window of opportunity, to reach the poor through their phones and use simple mobile games as tools for behavior change.

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MoHiM – No Shame in the Period Game

MoHiM raises menstrual health awareness through a fun myth-busting game and brings the dialogue to the forefront; educating and creating champions who are eager to eradicate MHM shame!

Gone are the Days of Crushing Candies;

It’s Time to Catch Those Pads with Undies!

Download on iOS and Android devices!

Stereowiped Game


StereoWiped aims at breaking racial, gender and professional stereotypes and encouraging social diversity. It is a simple memory game that requires players to “match” stereotypes and then breaks them with thought-provoking statistics. In 2015, GRID partnered with For Love of Children (FLOC) a Washington, DC based organization, which provides educational services primarily to low-income youth to introduce StereoWiped as part of the curriculum of the Scholars Program.

Download on iOS devices!

The Game Changers


Mariam Adil

Founder & Director

Rizwan Nusrat



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The time is now to take it upon us to leverage the power of digital games to create a better world. We are committed to the cause.

The question is,